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See and feel our quality before you buy!

There’s no charge for a sample when it’s returned in new condition within 15 days. All we ask is that you pay return shipping.

If you are creating a custom Sensations Show Choir garment, a sample is available for $100, due at the time of the order. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks plus shipping time for your sample to arrive. There are no refunds or exchanges on these samples.


Sizing bodices for Sensations Show Choir dresses are a great way to determine accurate sizes for your performers.

Sizing bodices are free of charge (including shipping). The bodices extend from the neckline to the waistline, are offered in sizes 0 – 28, in both stretch and non-stretch fabrics.

Sizing bodices should be returned within 10 – 14 days. After 30 days, you may be charged the $50 value of the bodices.


A sizing line is a customer-selected range of sizes in the style the customer plans to purchase. This range of sizes in the chosen style provides the truest fit. The customer simply keeps the garments in the sizes needed and requests an exchange order for other needed sizes.

Sizing line orders consist of a range of sizes to help with size selection.

Sizing line items can be exchanged for a different size of the same item.

To expedite your order, color substitutions may be necessary.


After making your garment selection, refer to the sizing charts for that particular garment. All manufacturers’ size scales vary, so please, when ordering Southeastern merchandise, use only Southeastern charts to determine the correct size.

Sizing charts are pictured with the garment on the product page online.

  • Take every measurement carefully.
  • Compare your measurements to those on the appropriate size chart to determine the size you need to order.
  • You will notice that our dress charts have range measurements rather than exact measurements.
  • If you fall in the bottom measurement range, alterations should be expected.
  • Individuals that are in between sizes may be able to compromise to order a stock garment.
  • The bust and waist measurements on our charts have a 1″ ease, so even though the chart shows a size 10 as a maximum 38″ bust, the finished measurement is actually 39″. If the individual is slightly above the 38″ bust measurement, the size 10 bust will still fit, but with less excess room.
  • When ordering dresses with a fuller skirt, the hip measurement is not as important as when you are ordering dresses with a more fitted skirt.
  • If measurements for all areas vary widely, (i.e. size 4 bust, size 10 waist, size 14 hips) or if your measurements fall outside the range of Southeastern’s dress charts, a special size will be needed.